Night trains in Europe

TV3 30 Minuts – Europa a un cop de tren?

Clack! 2023, MatarĂ³, Barcelona.

Interviews, script, fixer.

30 minuts clack

Commemorating the Nakba of Palestine

A view of Palestinian activists on the Israeli occupation

La Directa – July 2022

Interviews & script

Bonds of solidarity

25 years of development cooperation in MatarĂ³, Catalonia

Clack! 2022, MatarĂ³, Barcelona.

Interviews & script


The Catalan referendum on self determination and the police repression

La Directa 2017, Barcelona.

Interviews, edition & co-direction

Gabriel Brncic

The life of the Chilean music composer Gabril Brncic

Otoxo Productions, 2016

Co-direction & edition

Clio & Claudia

A portrait of an organic farm outside Barcelona

Otoxo Productions, 2016

Co-direction & edition